Brides of Christ


“I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys. As a lily among brambles, so is my love among maidens.” ~ Song of Solomon 2:1-2

This past June I was blessed to be present at my sister’s clothing as a Carmelite novice, and even more blessed a week later to be able to have a family visit day and a few minutes alone with her. I can’t post a picture of her (part of the seal of the cloister is dying to the world and remaining hidden in Christ), but imagine a more or less five foot girl in the complete brown habit with the white novice veil. Continue reading “Brides of Christ”


Edge of the World


I sit on the edge of the world and think
Like a dancing breeze on a perilous brink.

I’ve plumbed the depths and feel the call,
But putting out so deep could end in a fall.
Mysteries of the universe envelope me;
Following, I can set myself and others free. Continue reading “Edge of the World”

Triumph of Fear?


A very real fight today is against fear. Why? Fears make us do nothing.
For example a fear of death and terrorism caused many to question whether traveling to World Youth Day in Poland this past week was a smart idea. (Speaking for myself—going to World Youth Day last week was one of the best things I ever did.) You could say the fear was legitimate—we were in Munich during the shooting there and had a bomb scare outside our hostel two days later.

However, we talked about it before we boarded our transAtlantic flight, on the bus, and with other pilgrims in Kraków. The whole point of fear is to get people to do nothing. What is more powerful than 2 million people gathered together with Pope Francis unafraid to celebrate their Faith in Jesus Christ and an apostolate building a world of hope and mercy? We—gathered in John Paul II’s homeland of Poland—had the privilege of being that proof. Had each of us youth been afraid, the world would have thought the Church was dying.

Continue reading “Triumph of Fear?”