Edge of the World


I sit on the edge of the world and think
Like a dancing breeze on a perilous brink.

I’ve plumbed the depths and feel the call,
But putting out so deep could end in a fall.
Mysteries of the universe envelope me;
Following, I can set myself and others free.

I’m told there’s a haven across the expanse,
A loving, guiding Hand has given me a stance.
I’m scared and adventurous, alive to be;
I’ll trust that other travelers will join hands with me.

The storms rage dark on the wild sea,
But I believe they can only bring Him close to me.
I stand on the edge of the world and know
It’s time to set sail, come what may
I must go.

So reads a poem I wrote for my first acting class freshman year. Almost two years ago now. I was enthusiastic and, in that particular class, scared. There were about seventeen other acting students, and I was the one who had had the least experience acting. I wasn’t sure if what I had to share would seem silly beside them. However, most of all I was eager. I was finally at a film school, I was making new friends, and I was bound to dive in.

Two years later.

Change is in the air. In about three weeks my senior friends graduate. Two short weeks after that a whole new freshman class comes in. They are in the same boat I was that other acting class. We will all have new rooming assignments, broader groups of new and old friends, intense class schedules, and fresh opportunities. For me, this last quarter of junior year is also my stepping stone to the final nine months of film school. Am I ready for another journey across the wild sea? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless, we students will all be in it together. We won’t be alone, fellow travelers. To me that’s what counts. Thus, with a little smile in my soul…

It is time to set sail. Come what may I must go.


(Photo: My current balcony view)


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