Second Chances


I did not vote for either Trump or Hillary in the election this past week, and I will be the first to admit that I am not completely reassured or excited by Trump.

However, I think before we as a nation start off by worrying about which path Trump will take in office, we need to take a breath and thank God. Thank God that Hillary was not elected into office. Thank God that both the House of Representatives and the Senate have a Republican majority.

Now that I have made a bold proclamation, I may have lost some readers. But for those who continue with this post…

For those who are terrified of what Trump can do, yes, I agree with you. He is a wild card, an unknown danger. But also remember that there are checks and balances in the three branches of government. With sound minds in the House and Senate and the cabinet, he can only make so many decisions completely on his own. And before we focus on only the bad things he can do, maybe we could give him a chance seeing that he has run business ventures extremely well and did in fact get elected.

Before the election, there was an overwhelming sense of discouragement that our country had gone down a path of no return. I felt that way. I felt that as a twenty-something, I had no say and yet was being forced down a path a would not have chosen. I felt almost sure that the election would be rigged, that Hillary would be in office. That the polls proved me wrong is a miracle in itself. Now, with a house and senate swayed by a conservative platform—that was the most amazing miracle. It feels as if God has given us a second chance. A chance to walk away from Marxism, murder, religious persecution, more debt. Whatever else might come, that is a chance I am extremely grateful for. One more chance. That is what I can think of.

Perhaps we may not like all the individual candidates; yet, a government swayed by a conservative platform gives us another chance at family, life, God, liberty, and virtue. It is true that the hearts of a people will determine the path of a nation; yet, a conservative government is a chance to start redefining the legal actions of this nation in hopes that hearts will start to swing back to a balanced human perspective.

This is not the time to bicker and hate among parties and peoples across the country. This is a chance for our nation to stand together under a different type of government than the past eight years. This a chance to forge a another path back toward not merely equality for all but true freedom and justice for all sectors of our society. This is a time to reach out to those who have been hurt, manipulated, lied to, abused, bigoted. We have a chance to walk together and become a nation—not protestors against every perceived wrong—but guardians and gardeners of every person regardless of race, religion, or creed.

In the words of my friend Clare: In the times we are experiencing I feel we need God more than ever now, and he needs us. I am praying a novena for all of the souls who are angry, scared, broken, rioting and those who are suffering due to all of the hatred being spread right now. I am praying this novena for the future of this country and the future of this world as we enter into a new era. I invite you all to pray with me and if you cannot to keep those who are in need of prayers in mind.

Christ the King Novena


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