Blessed Darkness


“If it weren’t for the darkness, we wouldn’t see the stars.”

This is one of a collection of random quotes I sticky-noted to my work computer. This past week, it suddenly dawned on me while wrestling with wanting to know everything (meaning particularly The Future, particularly my control over The Future) that maybe that very wanting is why I have to be kept in the dark. Maybe it is so that I learn I don’t need to know everything, and yet it still works out.

Perhaps also though the darkness is a gift. What if I am someone who likes to have control of a situation? And what if all the pieces of my story came perfectly together on a sunny day. Maybe I wouldn’t appreciate it. I might be so caught up in breezing along and feeling in control that I would miss the little things. However, when the way is dark, then I have to pay attention to the stars. Then I actually value the stars, find them precious, and hold them instead of brushing by. Maybe that’s the only way I would appreciate the little things…

Besides that, judging from the stories of saints and history, sometimes I truly believe that the people who are the most influential or have the most powerful parts to play in history God keeps in darkness the most.  At least about their personal situations. Maybe because He reveals so much to them about other people and the situations they are meant to deal with, that is how He keeps them humble. Then He can still use such lowly to stand before kings and princes.

Next time you are tempted to gripe about the many times your feet blunder in total darkness, stop. Look up to count your stars, and let your first one be the thought that you are blessed to know how to walk in the dark and still find the way. With that understanding, you are destined to guide others.


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