Colors of the Wind

I wish that I could paint with “all the colors of the wind” as Pocahontas sings in her Disney film. There are some things that no brush or photograph can completely capture; only the living experience conveys its essence. For me, sunsets are just this way.

I see the most beautiful sunsets driving back from Costco while in Wisconsin.

As gorgeous weather as San Diego has, you don’t see such clouds there…textured billows of vapor rippling and streaking visibly in the wind through the dusky sky. Looking toward a golden disc of sun that is setting into a green bank of trees, I see clouds of fiery orange outlined by light almost too bright to look at alongside offshoots of molten light. Continue reading “Colors of the Wind”


The Way For Me


You know the way for me, you know the time;
Into your hands I trustingly place mine.
Your plan is perfect, born of perfect love;
You know the way for me—that is enough.

I was the girl who assumed that I would graduate college by the time I was twenty-one. I thought my sisters and I would always be together for Christmas and summer reunions. I was the one that wanted to be married by twenty-one and somewhere in there start realizing my hopes of many kids—yes, fifteen is what I always said. (I am still discovering how that plays out with my future husband or the film industry, but that’s part of the adventure.) Anyway…

Obviously, a couple different things have happened along the way!

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Knight In Shining Armor: Man or Myth?

The Knight in Shining Armor. It’s a rather big issue today in our culture of fairy tale heroes, hot actors, and saintly lovers. Many girls have a specific Wish List for their future Prince Charming—perhaps tall, dark haired, with a dimple in his left cheek. Or cute, humorous, manly, and with a winning grin. Or all of that put together. You name your type. Catholic girls want all that and the strong-in-his-Faith, morally upright, chaste man.

(So, guys, if you can’t be all that then go home, be depressed, and eat chocolate…Oh, wait, you don’t eat chocolate when you’re down, do you? I forget, that’s usually a girl thing.)

I’m sure many guys feel that way though; I’ve heard many of them complain about the “I deserve somebody perfect” attitude that creeps in everywhere with the ladies.
Recently I asked one of my guy friends, “So what do you think about the whole knight in shining armor idea?”

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